Monster Monday #1

Every Monday, I will post a conception or concoction of some monster in my Arthurian setting. Today, I tell you of the Goblin. Lore A man who refuses to give his life for an innocent lady is cursed by God, and thus, his offspring will be wrinkled distortions of humanity. And never again will he enjoy his wife’s bounty, for upon conception, the goblin begins its parasitic connection, snuffing out the mother as soon as it is removed from her – by birth or otherwise. The birth of a goblin is rare, but it is horrific enough to ruin even a lord. The earth is not wanting for them either, as in days past before the Unification, men were blind to their cowardice, and the birth of goblins was a common occurrence for which the deceased wives were often refused burial, spawning specters of true horror. These numerous goblins from the past have made unholy unions among themselves to propagate their kind, and today they plague the caves, woods, bogs, and wastes of Britain. They grow


A Witch draws a circle with salt and quicksilver. It is midnight as she gazes into her obsidian mirror. King Paimon’s face appears, whispering secrets. A Sorcerer, through complex gesticulation and utterance, manipulates the protean chaos of the universe, gathering and concentrating fire in his hands to hurl at his enemies. Magic-Users manipulate reality in many different ways. They use different techniques, practice different rituals, and cast different spells, but they all share this: they use the power of their mind to conform the world to themselves, not themselves to the world. Overview Prime Requisite: INT/WIS Minor Abilities: Magical Resistance Special Ability: Spellcasting Magical Resistance Due to your many exposures to magical energy, you have advantage on checks to avoid magical effects like being charmed, dominated, lulled, etc. This does not apply to damage from magical sources. Spellcasting To cast a spell, declare the spell, declare its pow


The Importance of Roleplaying Though this game includes a system for resolving social encounters, roleplaying and player creativity is still the most essential element of your character’s success. Parley should not become a robotic sequence of rolls; rather, it should be an exciting, dramatic experience that is assisted in its realism, impartiality, and balance between character attributes and player ingenuity by the rules included here. The content of the Points you make, and the quality of the Strategies you use are completely determined by you and completely determine the actions of your character. The roll of the dice in comparison with your attributes simply tells you how effective your decisions were in context of your character’s and your opponent’s abilities. Parley Step-by-Step 1.         Roll initiative 2.         Roll Wit 3.         Take Turns Roll Initiative To roll initiative, make an INT check. Those who succeed go before the NPCs; those who fail g


Combat Step By Step 1.         Check for surprise 2.         Roll for Grit 3.         Roll for Initiative 4.         Take turns until combat ends. Check for Surprise When combat begins, the Referee checks for surprise. All parties to the combat make a Wisdom check using the highest score from each party. Any group that fails this save is surprised, losing their first turns in combat. Sometimes a group is using stealth. A group using stealth makes a Dexterity check using the lowest score from the group. The degree of success is the obstacle for the other groups’ Wisdom saves. Roll for Grit All parties that are not surprised roll their Grit die and record the result in their Grit points. Any surprised parties roll Grit at the beginning of the next round. Roll for Initiative To determine the order of turns, the players roll initiative. Each player makes a Dexterity check. The players who succeed go before the monsters. The players who fail go after the monste


A travelling musician leans against the bar, clearly inebriated and clearly confident. He woos a local maid, and tonight, they stay in the same room. The king's herald rides into town, dismounts his stallion, and unfurls a scroll. The pronouncement of the king's new tax resounds across the village. The villagers pay, and the rider leaves. They never asked to see the seal.  The Bard is a class versed in the written word. With your knowledge of lore, rhetoric, theology, and politics – plus whatever other niches you have mastered – you are more than ready to persuade, intimidate, and charm your way to the top. Overview Prime Requisite: CHA Minor Abilities: Hard-Headed, On a Roll, Way with Words, Harsh Truth. Special Ability: Polemics Hard-Headed Increase your Concession limit by 1. On a Roll Whenever you successfully make a point, you may make another different point (you can’t just say the same thing over and over.) Way With Words You may spend


A thief lowers himself onto a creaking, wooden floor. His rope swings from the rafters where he laid in wait, the sunlight pouring in just over his head. Dust hangs in the air. Now is his moment to strike. A scout rubs the scat of hunting dogs between the leather fingers of his glove. Men’s footprints lead him to the poachers’ camp. From range he secures his bounty. Specialists are whatever the world demands of them. With their talents, they solve problems that most men would only make worse, and they find gains that all men envy. Overview Prime Requisite: any (each talent has its own PR) Minor Abilities: Jack of All Trades, Chameleon Special Ability: Talents Jack of All Trades You have a knack for figuring things out. Thus, you are a little better than the average person at just about everything, and the things you are good at, you are great at. Double your skill limit. You have base chance 2-in-6 in all skills, and you have a 3-in-6 base chance in the skills


A knight hammers into his opponent’s chain, knocking him to the ground. The weight of his boot on the adversary’s chest steadies him for the killing blow. A duelist flits his sword with grace, placing it firmly into the eye of his final rival. The rival is dead; the king pleased. Fighters are remarkably tough, proficient in combat, and they are skilled at leading, improving, and protecting their team in tactical scenarios. Overview Prime Requisite : STR or DEX (choose at character creation or flip a coin) Minor Abilities : Toughness, Shields Shall Be Splintered, Leverage, Tactical Prowess Special Ability : Deeds Toughness Increase your character’s Wound limit by 1. Shields Shall Be Splintered If holding a shield, you may negate all effects of one attack made against you at the cost of destroying the shield. Leverage Whenever you hit with an attack, you may make another attack without using one of your actions. However, you can only make the same attack tw